About us

Villa ETI is located in Klenovica in the Croatian Littoral not far from Novi Vinodolski thanks to the extremely favorable climatic and geographical conditions, Villa ETI in 1989 has embarked on a program of tourism.

The area in which the Villa ETI is located is specifically due to the combination of continental and Mediterranean climate, and is an ideal place and a real opportunity for anyone with breathing difficulties or living in aerospace environments.

The air from the nearby is top mixes with the sea air and makes it clean and healing without an aerosolist in close proximity, so staying at Villa ETI in the summer and in the winter with a light sea-air hike.

The sun is very generous, so Klenovica is flooded with sunlight for 2500 hours a year. Klenovica is rich with potable water because of the mountain river Žrnovnica which runs into the sea.

Formal waters cause constant flow of the sea and make the sea clean and clear and mixing the source of sweet and salty water has a beneficial effect on vein treatment and removal of circulation problems.

Villa ETI offers you a stay in a beautiful luxuriously equipped ambience with rich amenities. A pleasant stay at the Villa ETI is enriched with a variety of interesting offers of interesting and educational excursions, as the Klenovice area is rich in cultural and historical sights and it is the island Krk, one of the oldest springs of culture in Croatia.

The choice of excursion is also available on the National Park Plitvice Lakes and in the neighboring Slovenia in Postojna ...

We wish you a pleasant stay with us!

Villa ETI